Quality and precision, as well as the warranty of repeatability of the completely finished last produced with Newlast SDF machines have now become a standard in the footwear sector worldwide.

More and more Brands consider this a crucial criterion in choosing their suppliers.

After having increased, with the HS line, the productivity level of the SDF systems by 30-40% compared to the past, without renouncing to the precision of the finished product, Newlast has focused its efforts on all those last production steps, still related to obsolete, often mechanical, inaccurate and highly time-consuming operations.

The S.L.I.M 4.0 platform was developed with this aim: a real 3D virtual development and design environment. This user-friendly integrated system gathers all the operations necessary for the last production: from the positioning of the last in the block to the laser marking, from the design of the joint to the insertion of bushes, plates and anything else necessary for the use of last in high automation lines.

A software that can be modeled on the real needs of each shoe factory, able to send all the instructions for the automatic processing of the last to new high precision machinery.


Newlast’s first contribution to shoe factory has been a kit for the fast design of collection prototypes.

Allowing the shoemaker to move the Model department inside the factory, it is essential to reach two very important competitive advantages:

  • Deep reduction of sensitive data and important information loss;
  • Reduction of the release time of prototype lasts of each collection. As a matter of fact, each model is revised and modified a number of times to reach the right balance between the designer’s creative idea and the comfort of the shoe.

As soon as the new collection is approved, the lasts are digitally sent to the shoe last makers, where the real production begins. In this particular phase, thanks to the Newlast standard, it is possible to make each data in the .FRV file readable by all machines in the production line.

Newlast not only focuses on the last: understanding the importance for the shoemaker to have information about the shape of customers’ feet, both for customized shoes and for a general comfort increase, Newlast developed together with a Swiss company a high precision 3D system: the Right Shoes platform.

Right Shoes is a high technology system, for the collection, analysis and 3D data parametrization of customers’ feet. It gives the possibility to the Brand to have a series of useful information for the optimization of shoes production, based on demographic and social variables, which have not been considered as relevant until now.

The platform can also suggest to each customer of the Brand the ideal size of the chosen shoe model.


The Footwear Industry is slowly filling the technological gap that for years has kept it distant from the development of other industrial sectors. The footwear production has long been anchored to traditional manual processes unable to effectively respond to the needs of the modern market.

The new shoes production cycle includes systems with robotized automatic movement for the injection of the soles directly on the upper and other processes where human intervention is limited to the programming of the various operations. The widespread use of these new systems has exponentially raised the demand for technical last suited to the new standards of precision.

The platform S.L.I.M. 4.0 by Newlast has been created to meet this need.

In a 3D environment, on a virtual model, the operator sets all the drilling and milling cycles, positions the bushes, the inserts, the plate for gripping the crest and simulates the joint and the movement of the last.

Once the optimal working cycle is obtained, it is saved in .FRV format last file that will manage all the high-precision cycles of Newlast machines.

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