Tecnologia S.L.I.M. 4.0 - produzione della forma per calzature


S.L.I.M. 4.0 is the innovative system consisting in advanced software and machinery, designed with the aim of simplifying and drastically reducing the timing for the prototyping and production of shoe “technical” lasts, used in automated lines for direct sole injection.
The core of the system is a software for the 3D management of all the operations necessary for the preparation of the last.
All the instructions for the Newlast SDF finishing machines and all the other special operation machines such as, SDMC4 and SDMARK are enclosed in a single file .FRV.
SDMC4 is a milling center, dedicated to special drilling and milling cycles for the preparation of “shoe technical lasts” used in highly automated production lines and for the direct injection of the sole on the upper.
SDMARK is the innovative laser marker, a Newlast patent.
The workflow much more linear and protected from manual errors also allows to obtain results in terms of precision unthinkable up to now.


SDF technology has been patented by Newlast since 2007. The innovative “dovetail” clamping, for the locking of the shoe last on the ridge is the core of the SDF system. This exclusive Newlast clamping allows the complete and precise working of the surface of the shoe last.
In this way, the data generated by the scan are transformed into a 3D file, perfectly corresponding to the physical model. The .FRV file can be saved in a database and subsequently retrieved, if necessary, to be modified or integrated with other lasts by using the CAD/CAM Easylast3D software.
Once obtained the desired model, it is then turned by the machine SDRF1HS in a few minutes without any manual finishing interventions.
Once the shoe last reaches the right balance between comfort and style, the definitive file is sent to SDF4HS or SDF6HS finishing machines for production, with the certainty that, anywhere in the world, the result will accurately reflect the intention of the designer.
Once the shoe last reaches the right balance between comfort and style, the definitive file is sent to production with the certainty that, anywhere in the world, the result will accurately reflect the intention of the designer.

Tecnologia SDF per la lavorazione delle forme per calzature con brevetto


The latest Newlast patented technology and absolute innovation in the Footwear sector.
By interfacing with the S.L.I.M. 4.0 software, the operator can arrange on the last 3D file with absolute precision style lines, textures, rulers, size number and brand logo, and at the same time can also set small drilling cycles.
The SDMARK laser marking machine is a six-axis working center. A robotic arm position the last optimally under the laser and milling head.
Through the data received by the software, the machine automatically performs all the marking operations on the last, necessary for the correct assembly of the footwear in the production lines, which until now required many elaborate manual steps.


High performance numerical control for the fast turning of shoe lasts. Digital communication with the axes and the motors for a precise working free of any interference. The system take advantage of absolute encoders on the motors in order to avoid tedious machine reset operations every time it is switched on. The drives, motors and CNC package is the result of a consolidated collaboration with an important world leading company. The high reliability allows us to assure our customers 24 months of full warranty on all the machine electronic handlings and an availability of spare parts for at least 10 years.


After years of successful laser technology (NL-Digiscan 1 and NL-Digiscan 2), there was a need to move towards a more mature system, able to meet the new needs of the footwear market. A radical change that has led to the birth of an innovative system of structured light scanning system.
The integration of this new technology in the Newlast design has allowed to convey in a single product years of know-how in the treatment of three-dimensional data of the form, and to discover and exploit all its potential and specificity.
NL-DIGISCAN.SL/evo is a unique product: a semi-automatic digitizer able to detect in a few minutes the 3D of every shoelast with the highest precision.
Digiscan.SL/evo It is managed through the new DIGITIZING MODULE software, integrated in the S.L.I.M. 4.0 for shoe lasts production.
The obtained 3D file can be exported in different formats with the possibility of adding colored textures. Thanks to its versatility, the system can be used to efficiently scan also heels, soles, shoetrees, shoes and much more, proving to be a complete solution for both last makers and shoe factories.

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